Whiffle Tree Candle Co.

Fundraising Program Requirements & Benefits

We are currently not doing fundraisers due to uncertainty in supply line issues.

The fundraising event must be pre-approved by our company.

Payment is required on the amount due upon receipt of merchandise

Allow 2-4 weeks for shipping from the date we receive your order

High Profit Program

Earn 40%
incremental sales of $1.00 to 4999.00 40% less cost of brochures.
incremental sales over $5,000 and up. 40% and Free Brochures.

Higher sales dollar potential for the same sales effort as most other programs

Attractive pricing offered to the consumer

Our products are recognized on a national level for their high quality and sale-ability.

Candles hand-made in Billerica, Massachusetts

Only the best wax, richest colors and truest fragrances are used.

Easy Program to Administer:

Order brochures and collection envelopes are free

Program support provided

Orders packaged by your organization. & volunteer / participant

Individual gift tissue & bags enclosed for each customer

Due to high demand during peak seasons, we limit the total number of fundraising events during certain periods of time. Please schedule early to avoid disappointed

Click Here for more information and fundraising tips.