About Us

Whiffle Tree Country Store & Candle Co.

The Whiffle Tree was founded in 1969 as an old fashioned country store & gift shop. We remained this way for many years and a second generation. Over the years, we sold all the best known candle lines. We knew we could offer something as an alternative to our customers as a top of the line scented candle. Our goal was to make a better scented candle for a better price.

We truly believe you cannot purchase a better scented candle on the market today. If you are a candle connoisseur, we dare you to compare. You will be pleasantly surprised to find you do not have to be the biggest name to be the best.

We blend all of our own waxes to obtain that  perfect burn and add only the finest fragrances, ( many of which we blend ourselves ) as well as a full spectrum of rich colors that will appeal to every ones senses.
We currently sell to selected gift shops around the country, and we export to Norway.

We stand behind the quality of our candles 100%. We truly believe that once you burn Whiffle Tree Candles, you will never want to burn another. Please remember, it’s not the packaging that makes the candle, its what’s inside that gives you total satisfaction and keeps you coming back for more!

There are alot of import knock offs in the market today. We are a tru believer of ¬†” you get what you pay for “.

The Blinn family